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The Kringle Haus North Pole Toy Shop

The Kringle Haus North Pole Toy Shop

£140.00 GBP

This wondefully festive and exquisite Christmas decoration is sure to enchant all that view it. It plays a sequence of clasiic Christmas songs through a high quality music box and features many light up elements including strings of Christmas lights and light up Victorian style street lantern. It also features a moving function in the form of a traditional rotating doorway, through which you can see a stream of Christmas shoppers and joyful children as they both enter and leave Santa's The Kringle Haus North Pole Toy Shop.

This wonderfully crafted and finished heirloom Christmas decoration runs on normal batteries and the scene shows a snow coated brickwork Christmas shop, draped in working Christmas lights. On one side Santa Claus is handing out presents to children through a Christmas market style hatch opening as he stands in front of shelves loaded with Christmas toys. The other half of the shop, as mentioed above sees the rotating doorway move as shoppers enter and leave this magical shop.

Outside of the shop on the cobbled street lays a blanket of snow that leads to the steps up into the shop, you will also see a fully working light up Victorian style street lamp with dog and Christmas trees.

Size: 20.5cm High

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