Santa's Village Christmas Eve Party Report 2021

Santa's Village Christmas Eve Party Report 2021 - The Christmas Imaginarium

Article From Santa Claus Magazine - Issue 22

It has become customary to report the highlights from the annual Christmas Eve party in this article each year, so here they are! Of course, almost every Elf at Santa’s Village was in attendance at some point during the evening, so this feature is mainly for the benefit of our Human readers who were unable to attend.

Party planner extraordinaire Juhla and his team of kindly volunteers certainly had their work cut out to get anywhere near last year’s spectacular achievements. Still, the Elf, with the big ideas, achieved the unthinkable, arguably outdoing last year’s party.

Little of the walls or expansive pitched ceiling could be seen behind the climbing canopy of winter greenery adorned with a sea of twinkling lights and glistening snowflake decorations. The usual long rows of benches ran the length of the hall, flanking tables that trembled beneath the weight of the evening’s feast. Massive chandeliers of woven branches and leaves carried rings of flickering candles that danced high above the floor below. The usual majestic Christmas tree towered almost to the rafters in the centre of the room as rows of sparkling ice sculptures lined the thoroughfares to the dance floor in front of the stage.

It was well into the night when Elves started to emerge from their evening naps. Feeling refreshed and eager to party, the waiting began. Finally, the appearance of Santa’s sleigh and reindeer in the sky kickstarted proceedings as is customary, and as Santa drew his chargers to a halt on the landing strip, fireworks lit up the night sky as the celebrations began. 

North Pole Radio Dj’s Tiski and Juka opened the evening with a set of family-friendly Christmas songs, and the older Elves tucked into the incredible spread as the children made the most of the empty dance floor. As the night drew on, Santa and Mrs Claus made their usual early exit which signalled the time for families to carry their weary children off to their beds.

At this point, the Eggnog started to flow more freely as Elves really began to let their hair down after another long, hard year. The unsuspecting crowd were shocked to the core when flames erupted from the stage as Legendary North Pole gods of rock, The Metal Antlers, descended on wires from above the stage. Playing as they came to land on the stage, they opened their set with a heavy metal version of ‘Walking In The Air.’

A few mishaps with their mince pie canon last year, which left a few Elves with bruises and black eyes, meant safety precautions had to be put in place for this gig. However, in true Metal Antler style, the canon’s speed had seemingly been mysteriously cranked up to eleven, firing giant marshmallows at machine-gun speed into the now moshing crowd who were doing their very best to catch them in their open mouths, whilst crowd surfing Elves were transported overhead around the hall.

As the party drew on, increasingly lubricated Elves swapped their air guitars for glow sticks as DJ Aurora took to the decks. She opened her set with a dance remix of Mariah Carey’s ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You,’ as a colourful laser light show cut through the clouds of dry ice, and foam snow fell from the ceiling. When the chorus dropped, quite frankly, the night spiralled to new depths from this point on!

As if it wasn’t enough that Juhla and his team had created a bouncy castle (also known as a bounce house) entirely out of marshmallow, a small group of Elves discovered that the giant curtains framing the towering windows could be repurposed into a giant slide! Before long, there was a queue of Elves waiting to climb up one curtain, shimmy hand-over-hand along the rail before sliding down the other outstretched curtain and hopefully landing on the bouncy marshmallow castle!

Over the course of the evening, Elves were seen having swimming races in the chocolate fountain, Elves walking on their hands along the table tables tops and even fire breathing Elves riding unicycles were spied! It really was a truly magnificent night to remember as everyone came together to celebrate yet another successful Christmas Eve.

The dubious yet much-coveted title of Last Elf Standing once again went to Laatu for the second consecutive year. He was found the following morning, fast asleep yet surprisingly still upright and hugging what remained of a marshmallow bouncy house wall!

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