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Santa Claus and A Christmas Carol

Santa Claus and A Christmas Carol

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The magical story of how Santa Claus and Charles Dickens Saved Christmas...



Santa’s Village is under siege and Elven magic is failing.


Joy and hope is dwindling in the hearts of Humans and Christmas is in grave danger of disappearing forever. 


Queen Victoria sits upon the throne of the British Empire, Charles Dickens is emerging as a global superstar and the rise of the machines has begun, all as a powerful darkness creeps across the world.


Santa Claus is thrust into a magical adventure beyond the walls of the North Pole, to Victorian London. Here he must convince legendary author, Dickens to join him on his extraordinary quest to save Christmas.



The book follows last year's sell out Santa Claus and The First Christmas Eve and again is a traditional format, unillustrated storybook. Like all of Russell's books this title is not targeted at any particular age group, but only to those who love Christmas, whether they be young or simply young at heart. If however a reading category were to be assigned then the book would fall into the traditional publishing category of 8 - 12 years.

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